Yellow Rose History

The Yellow Rose was registered in August 2019 with two Directors myself and a wonderful friend named Dorien Irving.

Naomi and me

I began visiting Mombasa in October 2009 firstly as a holiday then the people and beautiful country won my heart.

I firstly travelled around Kenya visiting many different places and meeting different tribes, there are 42 tribes all with their unique language. So many different cultures and beliefs fascinated me and I fell in love with the country and its people.

I settled in Mombasa a coastal part of Kenya leading onto the Indian Ocean its beauty is astounding.

I began visiting schools and meeting families, at this time by chance I was accompanied by a friend whom I met on the plane on one of my travels her name was Naomi and we became traveling companies for a year

I visited many schools looking for a genuine and established school. I met Jared Ochieng who introduced me to Topcrest Academy School.

I decided to register a charity in the UK and contribute to the school.

The Yellow Rose. Future CIC was registered in 16/8/2019

The name came from my dearly missed friend Naomi, who had sadly taken her own life the yellow rose was her favourite flower.   I had spoken to her two days before she left this world and her last words she spoke to me was let’s go back and do something for the children. I vowed then that when I establish a school I would make sure the Yellow Rose was connected for my friend.

At first the Yellow Rose supported Topcrest and my goal was to try and integrate the school where as children diagnosed with autistic and learning disabilities could become part of the school and have social inclusion.

I had heard that children with autism and learning disabilities were kept locked indoors away from the world. This saddened me greatly as in UK I worked with both adults and children with autism/learning disabilities helping them to have the life they deserved.

There and then I decided that I was going to try to win the trust of families and bring the children out of their homes and into society where they belong.  I was going to support them to be part of a school so they could learn living and social skills, become part of the community and to have a voice

During the unfortunate event of Covid19 there was a few complications with Topcrest and the building it resided in so the Yellow Rose decided to go our separate ways. Jared Ochieng, our Yellow Rose advocate in Mombasa searched for a school and found a perfect location.

The school quickly grew and is now beginning to flourish with new students enrolling constantly  

The school will  eventually within the five year plan become self-sufficient and as well as teach the education curriculum will also host livestock and crops to teach the children socialism and how to make a living, learning farming and marketing.


The children will also have a chance to learn to swim, learn basic living and first-aid skills and learn how to work and interact with other children and get their sensory needs met and understood. More importantly, they will be given opportunities to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future, dreams that have included, becoming what they want to be.


At the moment we have ten followers who fund children’s education (£30 per month) and we are applying for funding from other charitable organisations.


 Your support will have a dramatic impact on the life of both the children and the future of the Yellow Rose.