The Project



The yellow rose to purchase the current building and buy land for the farming where we can rear livestock and  grow crops for the sustainability of the school feeding program, playing ground, and agricultural learning that will make the children have self-realization of their potential skills in farming. The school is planning to keep goats, sheep, cows, chicken, and grow food crops

The school farming land will generate income for the school by selling excess food crops harvested, selling of goats, and cows for meat as many Kenyans are meat lovers. At the same time the school will have a benefit of having their own produced farming crops that will help in feeding of children as they learn


  • School Rent
  • Teachers wages
  • Feeding Program
  • School water and electrical bills

The school cannot meet all these expenses in this first year without the support of well-wishers and the yellow rose sponsors.  The school is getting income from the school small car that is used for taxi and the monthly income from the yellow rose sponsor from UK for the ten children that have monthly fee paid.


Our projected plan for the second year would be reducing expenses after purchase of the building that means there will be no rent payment as it is now owned by the Yellow Rose

There will be more income for the school from the farming that will cater for other expenses while on the other end the school will be of need to hire two persons who will be looking after livestock. There will still need of support from the sponsors and the well-wishers in meeting the expenses like

  1. Pay wages
  2. Children feeding program
  3. Electricity and water bills
  4. Livestock and farming bills

As we move to the third year, the Yellow Rose is planning to drop other expenses like paying water bill, and feeding program bills as we have the water borehole(well) that will be pipe within the farm and the school for water supply. And this will help us to have a good harvest for the crop and clean water to drink for the children.

The borehole will itself generate funds as a water refiner machine will be bought which we could clean the water and sell to the nearby community.


Toward the end of third year, the yellow school expectations are that the crops and the chicken with the livestock and the Taxi together with school fees that we receive will be a major boost for the school as we have a self-generating income that will be channelled back to support the children in the school although other expenses will still need the support from the sponsors and well wishers of the yellow rose school. Expanse like;

  • Food program for the children
  • Wages for workers
  • Livestock and Electricity bills

The yellow rose school is also planning to have volunteers hosted in the school apartments at a smaller fee compared to the hotels making it easier for sponsors, well wishers and other interested parties who want to visit the school and support at the same time enjoy their holidays in Mombasa Kenya.


The yellow rose school will be having more chicken and cattle and the growth of the farm with the income from the taxi and growth of children in school will on the rise as we expect to buy a second school vehicle that will transport children to and from of their homes at a small fee and that a small income that will support school and at the same time giving an opportunity to the children that come from far a chance to learn with yellow rose school.

The same expenses as in the third year above will still need support from the sponsors and the well-wishers.


The yellow rose school plans to have a self-sustainable toward the end of this fifth year as we will have more;

  1. Children
  2. School bus
  3. Livestock farming
  4. Income from the crops
  5. Apartment Hosting

At the end of Fifth year the school is planning different sources of income that will help in its sustainability and give all children equal opportunity to learn.