Our Mission

Mission .

To help change the perception and understanding regarding Autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabilities, that will facilitate cultural changes within Kenyan communities. To see the child behind the diagnosis and give them a voice, rights, acceptance, social inclusion that leads to a better quality of life for those that have none ! 

Inclusive education refers to an academic system that allows special education students to become included in the mainstream classes alongside their peers.

All students, regardless of any social, physical and emotional challenges they may have, are placed in age-appropriate general education  classes that are in their own neighbourhoods  schools to receive high-quality interactions, intervention and attentive support that enables them to meet success in the core curriculum.

The Yellow Rose primary intention is to provide the students with or without disability or autism have higher achievements and improved skills through inclusive education.

The benefits of inclusive education includes among others an opportunity for special needs students to learn teamwork skills while heightening their sense of belonging in the community.

ALL children are born in uniquely, and differently.

They have different abilities, learn in a different way and at different paces, some fast learners others average and below.

YELLOW ROSE provides a learning-friendly and barrier free-environment for every child to be able to develop their full academic, social, emotional and physical potential.

It is therefore important to remember that a child’s academic potentials cannot be developed separately from their social ,emotional, and physical potentials, as they are interdependent aspects of a child’s development. 

Without the access to a comprehensive support system most of the children with disabilities will never roll in a school, will drop out or will stay at home and the few that are enrolled in special schools are always prevented from meeting with friends, close relatives and peers.

The good NEWS is that the Yellow Rose is here to change this narrative; all children are equal and need equal treatment. They will both be enrolled in a regular school where they will both play, learn and grow up with their non-disables peers (inclusive education).