What is Autism? .

“People with autism and learning disabilities excel in creative thinking.”
Today’s students. Tomorrow’s inventors

Autistic people may act in a different way to other people and find it hard to communicate and interact with others. Individuals will  find it hard to understand how other people think or feel and are unaware of personal space or the “social norms” . Bright lights or loud noises are overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable which may cause anxieties and confusion. Unfamiliar situations and social events take longer to understand and processing of information may need to given time for individuals to comprehend. Autism spectrum disorder is the label given to a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant challenges in social, communication and behaviour which begins in childhood  through adulthood.  Autism is not curable but can be understood and developed communication systems can be formed. The term “spectrum” is used as each person is affected in different ways. There are similar symptoms, but differences in the nature of them, when they start and how severe they are” (Equilibrium Health, 2019) Our world wide web is overfilling with articles on autism, autism spectrum, peoples life stories and missed opportunities. Quite rightly so. We want to take the young people at Yellow Rose Integrated Academy in Kenya into the world, so they do not miss  possibilities to learn, grow and empower themselves. The children will take responsibility for themselves and become confident, competent and independent. As educators, we need to be aware that some children and young people need our support with this empowerment and resilience building. So there….that is how we give space in the future for new, creative, innovative people