History of Yellow Rose 

I began visiting Mombasa in October 2009 and searched for a school suitable for the  Yellow Rose. There are many schools in Mombasa so the search was long.

The Yellow Rose name is for my dearly missed friend Naomi, it was her favourite flower and here last words she spoke to me was let’s go back and do something for the children. When the school is established  the Yellow Rose  logo will go proudly on the front of the school. Naomi had been my travelling compainion and loved the Mombasa life but sadly she was taken from us in 2014. I left my travels to Kenya for awhile as it reminded me of Naomi and I felt I couldnt return. My life became very busy with a promotion and supporting my daughter trhough university so sadly Mombasa was taking to the back of my mind. 

Early 2019 and another friend of mine was travelling to Kenya and something in  my mind said go.  All my memories and dreams came flooding back as if I had never been away so my search for a school became a great need to honour Naomi's memory.

 Was introduced to the headmaster of a school in Kiembeni estate and myself and nine friends decided to pay the school fees of children whom were either disiabled or unable to pay for education, this began in December 2019.

In March 2020 COVID-19 hit the world and disaster struck everyone. Mnay families lost loved ones, jobs and their confidence. Schools, shops, restaurants were closed to stop the spread of the infection. 

To support the families my friends and I decided  to use the school fees and create feeding programmes once a month to help.

 In January 2021 information came to light and the opportunity for the Yellow Rose to rent to buy the building the school resided in. After meetings with the building owner a agreement was made and I was very happy, things were moving. Once bought the Yellow Rose  mission is to re-vamp the building and developing the first integrated school for autism and disabled children in Kenya. Classrooms and sensory room will be created to educating the children, parents and teachers, guiding them to see the child behind the diagnosis.

The school will be self-sufficient and as well as teach the education curriculum will also host livestock and crops to teach the children socialism and how to make a living, learning farming and marketing.


The children will also have a chance to learn to swim, learn basic living and first-aid skills and learn how to work and interact with other children and get their sensory needs met and understood. More importantly, they will be given opportunities to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future, dreams that have included, becoming what they want to be.


The Yellow Rose goal is to improve the classroom conditions and begin to develop relationships of the parents with disabled children so to encourage them to bring them out from locked doors and be part of the Yellow Rose.

Once we have funding, which we are applying form large funders, we will buy the  school under the Yellow Rose so to secure a stable school for all the children. Your support will have a dramatic impact on the life of  the children and the Yellow Rose Future 

Why not visit the school I meet the students. Travel with me on one of my trips.

Meet the students of the Yellow Rose


The Water Supply

There was a bore hole(well) on the school grounds but there was no funding to finsih constructing it so the child used a barrel of water for drink and washing dishes 


Computer Room

With the fantastic support of the followers of Yellow Rose bought computers

We also had matteress bought for the baby class and sheets donated

Classrooms Painted

We raised money and painted the outside of the school and the walls and my last trip manged to also paint three classrooms on the first floor

Sponsors also supported to paint the classroom and our logo on the wall it is amazing