The People Behind Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose was registered in August 2019 with two Directors myself and a wonderful friend named Dorien Irving.

We began fundraising with the help of Emma Shaw, Jenny McKenzie, Lucy Shaw, Jack and many more.

Jack becam a big supporter of the Yellow Rose and even raised £1000 on a sponsered walk.

Jack will be joining Emma, Jenny and Lucy on a trip to Mombasa in 2021 to visit the school and meet everyone.

The fourth memeber of the main team is Jared Ochieng who orginally helped develop the school in 2016 then due to work commitments had to move on but still support the school by contributing money for the feeding of the children whilst they are in school.

Jared states "that all children most have breakfast and a good meal at lunch as if the stomach is empty the brain can not concentrate and this is very improtant to learn".

Lastly but not least is an amazing young man Salim, he was the first child to be supported and attended school with his sister Fatama who also had a friend to pay her fees. Salim's smile is infectious and my heart melts eveytime I go to visit him. Salim mother is a single mum so on one of my visits I helped her to begin a small business so she could support her family.

Directors and Founders and Supporters

Carolyn Palmer


Dorien Irving


Jared Ochieng



Supporter Fundraiser