Giving children with autism and learning disabilities a voice in Mombasa Kenya 


To help change the perception and understanding regarding Autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabilities, that will facilitate cultural changes within Kenyan communities. To see the child behind the diagnosis and give them a voice, rights, acceptance, social inclusion that leads to a better quality of life for those that have none. The Yellow Rose  is to be an integrated school of both mainstream and disabled children. 


The building used for Yellow Rose at present is rented and needs some repair, however it has a very strong foundation, kitchen, staff room, toilets and many rooms for classrooms. The school stands on a small plot of land used as a playground and has a borehole.The main aim of the Yellow Rose project is to raise funds to purchase the building and two acres of  land nearby. We intend to renovate the school,  making one room a sensory and relaxation room and one for the classroom for the  disabled and autistic children.The remaining rooms will be for the pupils whose impairments are not as severe as the afore mentioned. The extra land will make the school self-sufficient, with livestock and harvest bringing in an income for the schools; as well as empowering the children in gaining new life skills such as how to harvest, look after livestock and sell their produce at the market. These opportunities will also enable them to develop their social skills as well as basic maths and English. I am working on a project plan and five year projected outcome, which can be seen in our Mission section.


For the future is for the children to be accepted within the community enhancing their quality of life.

To work with the community  so they will benefit by giving opportunities for respite for carers which will provide a less demanding home life, giving all involved a more positive and relaxed environment to live in. In addition, families may have more time to pursue an income or develop quality of life.