Educators are innovators.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jared Ochieng and I am

pleased to teach at Topcrest Academy. It shall soon be Topcrest

Integrated Academy. With Carolyn’s and perhaps your help we can

reach this goal in the very foreseeable future.

We would like to build a better platform for the young people

here at Topcrest, and create awareness among individuals of self-

reliance, self-acceptance whilst learning the necessary skills that

will enable them to positively face life.


We have already started by simple steps: building friendships in

the community, forming partnerships with the relevant

community based organisations. For example the Bombolulu

workshop, Akamba woodcrafts and the links to an agricultural

farm. By these activities, we hope to reduce the rates of early

exposure to use of harmful drugs and other immoralities. We also

endeavour to strengthen the self-reliance minds of the young

people, to learn by doing, to learn the ‘know how’ so they are not

reliant on family, relatives, or for that matter the government.

Jared Ochieng on the left SO PLEASED I am well pleased to work together with Carolyn, who has the vision of the integration. She works tirelessly and visits as much as she can. We hope to get the Yellow Rose classroom, including a sensory room, off the ground as soon as possible.
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