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Can you Help??…. What can I do? You may ask yourself that question. You can ‘like’ our page, spread the word, ask friends to have a look. You can be a point for donations, in physical form like the gorgeous put together pencil cases on the picture below! Please ask Cal for suggestions of the needs of the moment. You can come along with Cal to Mombasa - contact Cal! You can hold an event to fundraise for The Yellow Rose?

New uniform, New badges, New books….as they say every little


Teacher Jared writes “that water, drinking water, needs to be

bought. Topcrest has a feeding programme of breakfast and

lunch, which needs water. Although we are not fundraising for the

water necessarily, this is just to show a little of the daily working

of Topcrest.”

The list of needs is endless…

A big big THANK YOU to all those people and companies that have

been able to donate so far - THANK YOU!!.

Your help goes a long way!!

Please contact at for further information.

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